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Président : Jean-Louis Boehm
General manager : Marie-Line Boehm
Creation of the company : 1920
Quality label : Qualité ISO 9001 / Sécurité OHSAS 45001 / Environnement ISO 14001


5388 RD 1082
Tel: +33(0)4 77 30 10 23
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Who are we ?

With a good tools, we make the job. With an excellent tool, we become an expert!

Our requirement is to offer excellence to repair, restore, maintain, test and create, through ergonomic, safe, efficient and for life tools.


It’s the reason why we design and manufacture very high-quality tools thanks to a century-old know-how. Our integrated production and our master of the manufacturing process allow us to be a responsive and trusted partner and to satisfy our customers in all circumstances.


We are the BOEHM company and we are a French manufacturer of hollow punches for over 100 years!

Our products

  • Gasket cutting handle / ergonomic and anti-vibration patented striking tool for gaskets and pellets cutting in soft materials / JLBM53PA
  • Gasket punches set 50 mm / Set of 32 tools for the manual cutting of gaskets and pellets from 2 to 50 mm / JLB250PA
  • Gasket punches set 100 mm / Set of 66 tools for gasket cutting in industrial maintenance / JLB2100PACC
  • Circular cutter / Cutting compass until 620 mm / CC420PA
  • Circular cutting manual press / The circular cutting workstation perfect to cut small series / PRES4HRD60

Marie-Line Boehm
General director

Our sectors of activity

  • 1
    Industrial maintenance

    (all industries)

  • 2

    (Car, music instruments…)

  • 3

    (leathercraft, saddlery, marquetry…)

  • 4

    (tests, sample cutting…)

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