Scaffolding, PIRL, ladders, all height access solutions for professionals.
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CEO : Bernard ROTHAN
Creation of the company : 1954
Quality label : ISO 14001 – 9001


976 Route de Saint-Bernard
01600 Trévoux
Tel : 04 74 00 90 90

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Who are we ?

Tubesca-Comabi is built on nearly 70 years of expertise in solutions for access, working and protection at height.


With production capacities distributed across France, the company manufactures and markets universal access solutions such as ladders, stepladders, platforms, scaffold towers, as well as worksite applications, façade scaffolding, rain coverings, ladder lifts, and solutions developed for industrial and aeronautics maintenance, and transport.


Tubesca-Comabi dedicates its human and industrial resources to serving its clients and delivering high-quality, innovative products and services, both in France and internationally, in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations.

Tubesca-Comabi’s global offering covers all requirements for access, working and protection at heights that professionals in the construction and industry sectors are confronted with.

Our products

  • Sherpascopic télescopique
    This Tubesca aluminium mobile platform sets the standard for telescopic platforms. Available in several models at heights of up to 4.5 metres with 3-4/4-6/7- 9/7-10 steps. Its reinforced uprights, wide platform, adjustable stabilisers and semi-automatic rigid guardrails make the Sherpascopic an extremely robust, stable product. It has a tool carrier, transport wheels and 80 mm steps. It meets the PIR-PIRL standards for mobile platforms, complies with decree 2004-924, standard EN 131-7 and has the NF quality label.
  • X’tower
    The X-Tower is Tubesca’s 2016 flagship innovation. This rolling, telescopic scaffolding is the Swiss army knife of scaffolding, whatever your use. A complete tool, patented, made in France tool complying with regulations. It provides a working height of up to 4.80m. Its height can be adjusted every 25cm. Its compactness makes it very easy to move. Its single-piece structure allows it to be erected and dismantled safely (MDS) by one person in less than 3 minutes. Available in two models to meet all your needs.
  • Evoklip
    The new roof ladder EVOKLIP has been developped with roofers for 2 years. Much more comfortable, reliable and stable, it meets the requirements of the height’s craftsmen.
  • MP Pro
    The MP PRO is an anodised aluminium stepladder for ultra-heavy-duty use. It complies with EN 131 and Decree 96-333 and is NF certified. Available from 3 to 9 steps, it provides safe access to heights of up to 3.98 m on a 280 x 250 mm footrest. Its enhanced safety wrap-around footpads, its 90 mm steps with a patented rotation system, its epoxy tablet and its single-piece swivel joints make the MP PRO the quintessential stepladder. It has a tool holder with a bucket hook and a closable compartment for screws. Its splayed base gives it excellent stability. The 7- and 9-step models have two safety straps.
  • Platinium 2-section combination
    The Platinium aluminium 2-way combination ladder sets the standard for the market. With its splayed base, very safe wraparound pads and patented Quickstep articulation, it guarantees strength, flexibility and safety for all users. Models with 2×6 to 2×15 rungs provide access to heights of up to 8.58 metres and 4 positions. It complies with the EN 131 standard, decree 96-333 and the NF, VGS and GS quality labels.

Mélanie Bonin
Export company representative

Our sectors of activity

  • 1
    Lightweight access products (scaffolding and ladders)

  • 2
    Collective and individual protection against falls from heights

  • 3
    Accessories for roofing and coverings for professional use

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