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CEO : Lucas Merceron
Creation of the company : 2000
Quality label : ISO9001 – COFRAC


10 La Renolière des Bois
79240 Vernoux en Gatine
Tel: +33(0)2 51 71 65 67
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Who are we?

IDMAT is Manufacturer of lifting and lashing slings, lifting grips for building and negotiating mounting parts for more than 20 years. This is also the main company of ARRACH Holding group. LTL (Technical laboratory for lifting) is also part of the group.

IDMAT is the French market leader in the manufacture of chain slings G100 and G80 (roughly 30,000 parts per year). LTL is a Lifting Engineering Lab integrating tests under COFRAC and VGP mobile inspection. With Idmat you get a real 10.204 standard certificate up to 3.2.

Thanks his Integrated Research and Development Department (CAD/CAM/3D printer) which has just developed and patented its new BLOKMI shortening hook which can be unlocked with just one hand.

The self-locking BLOKMI® shortening hook will replace the traditional hook and safety pin from 2022 onwards.

The idea is simple: Currently, the safety pin is frequently removed by operators to make it easier to install the unit and save time. However, stowing standards require that it be used.  This leads to a safety problem for people and a stowing problem for goods.


To solve this recurring problem, a problem we have seen in the field and in our workshops, the ID MAT design office has developed an innovative alloyed steel hook which is both ergonomic and ultra-robust. This hook locks automatically and can be unlocked with one hand, using the sliding trigger. It’s easy to use: A single person can install it with no physical effort.

Our products

  • BLOKMI : Shortening self locking hook. It will replace the traditional hook and safety pin.
  • LASHING SYSTEM: System in 2 parts. On one side a turnbuckle with an eye sling hook and a BLOKMI. On the other side, a length of chain with an eye sling hook. This system allows to stow faster.
  • BORDER CLAMP : New system with two folding removable handles. System of sprocket without shackles.

Hélène Rousseau
Export company representative

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    Oil and gas sector

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    Civil engineering

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