All aboard for Outilex AGM

Outilex held its second Ordinary General Meeting on November 10: a time for our French industrialists and members of the group to take stock of actions undertaken over the past quarter, as well as those to come!

A decision-making body for all institutions, the meeting was an opportunity for our fourteen members to review key issues such as market research analysis for certain regions of the world, feedback from members’ international experience, economic trends in relation to the geopolitical situation, export assistance, Outilex’s collective participation in trade shows under the Outilex flag, and the potential and future integration of new members…

Furthermore, in line with the new strategic vision encouraged by the recent appointment of Mr. Vincent PERRIN as President of the group, Outilex welcomed two external speakers specializing in international trade to this morning of exchanges! New and complementary visions, favorable to the development of our members’ activities on foreign markets.

We would like to thank Stéphane SANTIA ANDREWS and Marc HOFFMEISTER, representing BPI and Classe Export respectively, for their presence and their informative presentations… firstly, an update on the various BPI tools available to exporters, followed by a focus on the African continent, which was appreciated by all participants and will be a source of future events and progress.

Finally, because despite its name, an Ordinary General Meeting always has its share of surprises, the group is proud to announce the imminent launch of its new website!