A (not so) Ordinary General Meeting

On June 16, Outilex brought together all its fourteen members for its Ordinary General Meeting. Contrary to its name, this meeting was above all one of collaboration and renewal…

Themes such as the retrospective of actions undertaken during 2022 and the projection of future collective operations were the main themes of the meeting. It was also an opportunity for our new Managing Director and long-standing member of the group, Mr Vincent Perrin, to present his ambitions and aspirations for Outilex!

A new strategic vision, defined over three years and driven by a shared desire to collectively strengthen the individual performance of its members on international markets

Actions already underway for several weeks now, to help our loyal members boost their activities on foreign markets.

So, what would you say to reliving this moment rich in exchange and conviviality?

All aboard for Villebois in the Ain region, where our loyal member Guillet (recently awarded the EPV label) was kind enough to welcome all our members to his premises!